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In operation under various guises since the 1950s, our role as the economic development agency of the Maltese Government is to attract foreign direct investment and to ensure that companies operating from Malta are provided with the right conditions to grow and prosper. Within the organisation, one may find a wide variety of skills and backgrounds. This facilitates interaction with investors from all sectors, ensuring that specific requirements are understood and met. The core values that we live by across our entities are:




Kurt Farrugia


“….be part of our story –  join us & play a role in shaping Malta’s economy whilst shaping your own career by strengthening your skills and learning new ones.”

From applicant to joining our team….

We are looking for new team members that could fit in and add to our culture. So you have come across one of our vacancies, the job description is aligned with your qualifications and experience, and you have applied. So what is next?

An email will be sent to you via the People & Culture team, acknowledging receipt of email, and if you match the minimum requirements you will be called in for one or two interviews (depending on the post).

During your interview you will have a chat about our culture, your experience and aspirations, discuss the role in further detail and we will also answer any questions you might have.

For certain posts you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire which is administered by a third party (but you do not need to worry since all Data Protection Agreements are in place) and all details will be sent to you via email. An assessment such as a presentation, a case study, or a few short questions might also form part of your interview. The assessment differs for each role. This will also give you an insight of the type of work you would be doing with us, so it would also help you understand if this is the job you are looking for.

The interviewing team will be made up of possible colleagues you will be working closely with. In some instances an external interviewer will be invited over too.

Once the interviewing process is over, you will be hearing from us within a few weeks.

A set of records will be kept at the People & Culture team for each unsuccessful candidate for ten (10) days from the signing of the contract with the successful candidate, after which all data of the unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed.

We wish you the best of luck !!



Interview & Assessment



Corporate Lawyer
Malta Enterprise is looking for a Corporate Lawyer. Click here for more information....
Investment Promotion Specialist
Malta Enterprise is looking for an Investment Promotion Specialist. Click here for more information....
Administrator (Business Development & Growth)
The Corporation is looking for an Administrator (Business Development & Growth). Click here for more details
Project Implementation Coordinator
The Corporation is looking for an Project Implementation Coordinator. Click here for more details
Senior Economist
The Corporation is looking for a Senior Economist. Click here for more details


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